Choosing Kali Bhargave to represent us as our realtor was the best decision we made while selling and buying our home. Her attentiveness to details, positive attitude, and willingness to go the extra mile for her clients made this experience so wonderful for us. Unlike realtors we have had interactions with in the past, it was so evident to us that Kali truly cared about us and our situation. She worked so hard to get us the best price for the home we were selling, and her experience and input were so valuable to us during the construction process of our new home. We would recommend Kali 1000x over and over again to anyone looking for the best person to help them buy or sell their home – she is truly THE BEST!
Jennifer W
We used Kali to both BUY our new house and SELL our old house. I will never use another realtor, Kali is my agent for life. In my book she gets 5+ stars for each transaction. Not only is Kali a kind, sweet, caring person with which you enjoy spending time, but she KNOWS real estate. Her numbers do not lie. She negotiated the purchase price of our new farm down by 10%! Kali knows seller psychology and uses it to the buyers advantage. Even more impressive, Kali sold our home on the VERY FIRST DAY it was listed. We closed a mere 3 weeks later. She made our dream come true, quickly and easily, and we are forever grateful. Hire Kali, listen to what she says, execute her suggestions and I guarantee you will not be disappointed 🙂
April G
Kali is Peachtree City’s best-kept secret agent amongst the PTC luxury circle. But the secret is out! She is unequivocally the best realtor agent PTC has to offer.
Approximately 2 years ago, my husband and I started our search for our forever home. We had just moved from New Jersey to Midtown Atlanta with the plan on eventually moving to the Peachtree City area.  We were first-time home buyers and had no idea on how to even start our search.  A co-worker of my husband’s highly recommended Kali, as she helped them with their custom-built dream home in PTC. Through our initial conversations with Kali, my husband and I quickly gained a high level of comfort and was confident that she would make it happen. She gained an understanding of not only our “must-have” list, but she took the time to learn our style and personality so that when it came time to look at houses, she could give us proper advice.  While we were saving for our down payment, Kali kept in close communication by educating us on the Peachtree City market. She sent us various houses that were for sale and we would keep an open dialogue about what we liked and disliked.  When it came time to look at houses, Kali was able to work around me and my husband’s hectic work schedule and didn’t bombard us with 50 different houses.  She showed us the houses that best matched our needs, taking the features of the house, neighborhood, lot size, etc. all into account.  When we viewed a house that wasn’t for us, Kali had no problem with telling us, straight up, that we needed to keep looking. That’s one of Kali’s traits we most appreciated, her honesty.  We ended up making an offer on one house, but thankfully, Kali’s knowledge of the market allowed us to understand that this particular house was way overpriced and she stopped us from overpaying (proving that she wasn’t just about making the quick sale). Several weeks later, Kali called me with a huge amount of excitement in her voice saying that she found the perfect home for us that was going to go on the market the next day (Kali has connections that allows her to know of houses that are about to hit the market, which is advantageous in the fast-paced housing market in PTC). She rushed over to the house the next day and took videos for us. We trusted her so much with our future, that we made an offer on the house in an hour and without physically seeing the house! When we eventually saw the house, my husband and I could not stop smiling and we may have even shed a tear or two. It was a perfect match! She worked closely with us through the closing process. Working her magic behind the scenes uncovering and asking the questions with the inspectors and broker that as first time home buyers, we would not have thought of. She was responsive and was just a quick text or phone call away for questions, comments, concerns, or just to vent. Kali is not only an amazing agent, but she is an even more amazing human being. She truly makes you feel like you’re her only client. My husband and I worked all our lives to eventually have a home to call our own, and Kali found us our home that we have been dreaming about all these years!  We have made a friend for life in Kali and we would hope anyone reading this will find a friend in her, as well.  Kali is the best!
Ria W
We’ve worked with several Realtors in the past and there is no one more dedicated, passionate and caring than Kali! I’m going to tell you the three most important qualities that I think are needed in a Realtor…
When we began our house hunting, we were completely new to the Atlanta area, so we had very little knowledge about locations. Kali took the extra time to pull a very detailed amount of research on schools and commutes in many different neighborhoods. Also, when we would walk into a home, she knew in an instant what may need to be repaired, if there’s mold or structural issues or any red flags. On top of that she has an incredible ability to see and describe the potential of a space if it isn’t apparent. In every home we would visit she would point out everything we need to be aware of. The best thing about all this is that we saw close to 100 homes and Kali has this almost photographic memory where she could say “you remember xyz house we saw, this is like that one, and here’s what you liked/didn’t like” … it amazed me every time!!
Emotional IQ
When it comes to an agent, having a high emotional IQ is critical. What I mean by that, is Kali truly gets to know her clients and picks up on little things we may mention and applies it to the search. She was able to very quickly read us and know exactly the types of homes we were really interested in. She easily figured out how to balance between mine and my husband’s likes and priorities. And best of all, every time we went on a house hunting trip, it was incredibly fun because of her laid-back attitude and ability to see the humor in everything. With Kali, the house hunting experience is fun and exciting!
There is a reason Kali is consistently one of the top-performing agents in her office. Her dedication to her clients goes beyond what anyone would expect. Once we found our dream home (and it’s a beautiful one!) Kali made sure that we completely understood every next step and personally made sure we left no stone unturned. She had access to lenders, contractors, lawyers, etc. … all of whom would rave about Kali and would drop everything to work with one of her clients. She had a scheduled family trip during our closing but made sure everything was running smoothly and checked in with us multiple times while she was out of the country.  There’s no one you could trust more with the biggest purchase in your life than Kali! And best of all, you’ll have a friend for life!
I grew up the child of parents who owned a real estate agency and she is the best I have ever seen! Nicest person, hard working and really looks out for your best interest! I have worked with other agents in the past but I will never use anyone else again! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
Kristen S
Short Version: Tell her what you want and give this woman room to work. Enjoy the savings, and enjoy the people, she’s so much fun. Let start by saying that I’m stubborn and a lawyer with 10+ years of experience. It is not easy for me to defer to someone else, but she really is that good. We both sold and bought a home (in 2020 no less!) with Kali and her expertise, skill, and character resulted in probably about $10k more for us (between what our home sold for and the deal we got buying) than someone less timid would’ve gotten us. Kali is bold! I could go on about Kali all day, how amazing her staff was, how attentive she was to detail, how her staging looked, how good her listing was (y’all, I’ve seen your listings, you need the good photographer PLEASE), how fun and outgoing she and Stephanie were to be around, but you’d be here all day. So let me highlight the two most striking and compelling parts of our professional relationship: 1.) We needed a variety of people involved in the process (painters, roofer, home inspector, closing attorneys, mortgage broker) and every single of them was great, but they went out of their way to mention how great Kali was to us (some unequivocally said the best, some said one of the best, but they all said something). I know as a lawyer that building a reputation like takes consistent success over time. It doesn’t happen over night or by accident. 2.) I have negotiated cases from murder charges to million dollar losses and everything in between in my 10+ years of practice. Kali is a Muhammad Ali level BAAAAAAD woman when it comes to negotiating. Some people are risk-averse when it comes to the negotiating process, and that’s ok, but if you give her some space to work… whew. 100% savage, on your behalf. She, CONSISTENTLY, came back with more money than I hoped for at EVERY volley of the negotiations, both buying and selling. If Daniel Webster is unavailable to broker your deal with the Devil, Kali Bhargave is your next best bet. The last thing I’ll add is this: there is no way to eliminate anxiety from the selling/buying process of a home, but our anxiety was needless with Kali and her staff. True red-carpet, white-glove service at every step, and we were definitely NOT her A-list clients (though she treated us that way). I cannot imagine a more satisfying real estate experience than the one provided by Kali and her staff.  I would literally fight people for her if she needed it.
Adam Y
My husband and I are first time home buyers and had no idea what we were getting into when purchasing our first house this past summer in Peachtree City. We looked at a few houses with other realtors who were very pushy and felt pressured to sign a realtor contracts the first meeting, Kali was a breath of fresh air. She didn’t have us sign anything upon first meeting, she was very honest about each house we looked at. We’ve learned it’s definitely those little details you don’t think about (is it in a flood zone, age of the roof, what updates are needed asap, location, details of area….) that can make a big difference. We felt so relieved having Kali’s expertise and knowledge about this area, the home buying process and pointing out those important details to ensure you’re getting the right home. When we finally found the house we wanted she immediately went into action and advocated the right price and negotiations. You can always reach her, I hate to admit but we were those annoying home buyers who called a lot, but she is extremely patient and kind and welcomes communication. She has good contacts to anything home related (AC, inspections, bathroom remodel, roofers…). Everyone she recommended was great. Even after buying the house, she called to follow up to see how we were settling in. I still reach out when I need home advice or resources. Kali was tremendous help during such an overwhelming time, she will not steer you wrong. If you need a good realtor, she’s it.
It has been a blessing to work with Kali for the purchase of my new home in Peachtree City. Not only has she been kind, patient, prompt, knowledgeable, and professional in buying a “fixer upper” house, but she has also been a great resource for locating the right kinds of contractors including painters, plumbers, tilers, hardwood guys, etc.  I am still in the process of updating the house and it is progressing quite well, but I know that without her help, it would have been much more difficult. My experience with Kali has been beyond excellent and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone.
Dr. M
We used Kalis real estate services to buy our home in Sharpsburg. She did so well that we enlisted her help to sell the home we had moved from in Stone Mountain. We had used another real estate company to originally list the home. After several months of no serious interest in the house, we decided to see if Kali could turn it around. Did she ever. After taking her advice and her strategic marketing plan we received 2 offers in the first 2 months (which was during the slower winter months). The house was sold and closed in less than 3 months. We have now used Kali to buy and sell a home and we could not be more pleased with the services she has provided us. She is knowledgeable, responsive and a true professional. I would not even consider using anyone else for my real estate needs.
Robert M
Kali proved to be a vital asset to my search and settling into my new home. She found me the perfect location for Life’s Phase 3. Her attention to detail, her professionalism carried into the lending process. Guiding me through the lending process to the final stage of closing. Her expertise was invaluable to me through the design and building process; 6 months. Again, demonstrating her in-depth knowledge of the building trade. Her gentle spirit, patience and expertise will easily support you through your home search. She truly tries to get a sense of you; your likes, needs and wants. In complement with her knowledge of the local market, she’ll bring you to your perfect home. I wholeheartedly recommend Kali for your realtor needs. Her professionalism and expertise places her in A-one category!
Charlette W
We found our first home with Kali’s help and we couldn’t have been happier with the effort she put in to make our dreams come true. She is very jovial and has a charming smile that makes house hunting seem easy.
We saw a lot of houses… Well we lost count after 30….Throughout the entire process she was professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.  She was always patient and able to answer all our questions and educate us about lots of things we were unaware of as property virgins.  She was always available to show us homes at our convenient time. When we fell in love with terrible homes she explained potential points of concern; at no point did we feel any pressure to make an offer on a home that wasn’t perfect.  And finally she found us a home that met “All” our criteria. I don’t think any other realtor would have gone that extra mile to understand what we really wanted and give us even more.  Thank you Kali for all your hard work, support and patience.
The Gramani's
Kali acted as our second realtor in trying to sell my home in Peachtree City, Ga.  After months on the market we were in need of selling our home quickly.  Kali came in and took our situation, marketed our home as it stood and sold it very quickly for more than we had hoped for.​ In fact we had several offers and got to choose our buyer.  She kept me very informed and gave me all the information I needed to make good choices in this process.  It was much easier than I ever expected and I would highly recommend her as a realtor.
We are happy new PTC homeowners thanks to Kali! My husband and I met Kali some two plus years ago while visiting the area and casually looking at homes in preparation for our empty nest relocation. I was impressed with Kali right away as she was every bit as excited about working with us right then even though we were a long timeframe away from an actual purchase. She provided a great overview of the benefits of the area and a terrific range of home prices and types of homes for us to consider. She regularly kept in touch with us over the course of two years and was always willing to answer questions, send us prospective properties to check out or meet with us if we were in town. Last week we settled on a delightful home that is exactly right for us at this new stage of life and Kali helped orchestrate the entire process from beginning to end. There were a few bumps along the way, especially since we were moving from out of state but Kali was always two steps ahead of us and proactively solved any issue that came up. She has also provided us with connections galore to help us make this house our home with painting, renovating and anything else you can think of…she knows someone for everything! I can honestly assure you that you will be beyond pleased to have Kali as your real estate agent!! She is client centered and will help you find the home that is right for you and your family and one that respects your goals, not hers. She’s smart, funny, engaging and motivated! Her integrity and honesty shine through in all she does and she will provide you with a level of coordination and professionalism that is unmatched! Buying and or selling a home is likely the largest and most important financial decision you will ever make – the person you choose to help you is equally important. Kali Bhargave is our agent of choice she’s the best bar none!! Choose her with confidence. Thank you Kali for bringing us home.
My husband and I recently sold our home of 19 years, to downsize. I researched selling by owner. I also interviewed a couple of local realtors. Kali made a great impression on us both, and when her name is mentioned to anyone, accolades and respect follow. She came into our home and suggested the upgrades to make our home worth top dollar. Within a month, we had a contract. When realtors/contractors have such respect for your agent, everything goes smoother. You can trust her. You will like her. She also handled the negotiations for the home we bought. She is a trusted ally in a time of turmoil. You would be lucky to have her on your team.
Lisa G
Excellent, Fantastic, Honest, and Insightful are just a few words that describe Kali Bhargave! We began looking at homes and sent a request to look at a property my wife found online. Kali immediately reached out to us but, what struck us as unusual was the fact that she was exceptionally honest and upfront both about the property but also about realtors in general; traits to look for, expectations, and so forth. This level of honesty and integrity is simply hard to find so we asked her to be our realtor moving forward. What sets Kali apart is that she not only is exceptionally friendly but is very knowledgeable about the industry and, without coming across as “pushy”, she provided tremendous insight with each property, pointing out the good as well as the bad and not trying to cover any potential blemishes. Along these lines, the thing we appreciated most was the fact that Kali took the time to watch “how” we looked at properties and listened to our conversations. This helped her narrow down the kinds of homes we were or would be really interested in. Using this information, Kali took us to a property we absolutely fell in love with! The home exceeded all of our expectations and wants and she worked with us with the negotiation of the offer, always having our best interest in mind and diligently worked throughout the entire process ensuring that everything stayed on track including closing. Honestly, without Kali, there is no question that we would not have found and now own our “dream home”!! Kali is probably the most exceptional realtor we have ever had the privilege working with and we have nothing but sincere heartfelt gratitude and feel she is not only our realtor but now our dear friend. Thanks, Kali for everything!!!
Ana and Robert C
My name is John and I’d like to tell you about the realtor who helped my family and I find an amazing home in GA. I don’t think that saying “Kali is amazing or awesome” or “Kali is the best” does any justice to her and her passion for finding you the right home and her commitment to it. I don’t think it does justice but, wow, she is amazing and the best!! My wife and I were in a situation where we were moving from Milwaukee to Peachtree City. We were in a bind as my wife and I were moving for my job and expecting our 3rd child. Kali communicated well with us and had a well laid out plan of houses to show us and took the time to listen to us. She wasn’t trying to sell a house. She was passionate about finding us the right house. She listened to us and our wants but was also honest about the market and the area and I really, really appreciated her honesty. I had to make several trips without my family and Kali knew that I was coming in from out of town and accommodated me very well. She cleared her schedule to show me a number of houses to help our family out. I was amazed over, and over again at how much she wanted to help us out and find us the right place, not just a place. She is very knowledgeable and caring and will not hesitate to tell you if the house you think you want is not the right place for you. It’s not about a sale, but the right house for you and/or your family. If you’re looking for someone who truly has your best interests in heart and who will work for you tirelessly and with integrity, please call Kali. She found us a great place and it’s awesome for us. We’re very, very happy. It’s an awesome house with great schools and close to my new job. I have the utmost confidence in her and everything she did on our behalf. Whether you’re moving to or from the ATL area, Kali is the realtor you want.
John P
Our family recently relocated to the Peachtree City, GA area. This was our sixth work related major move so we have quite a bit of experience with realtors, but I can honestly say none compare to the experience we had with Kali Bhargave. In this recent experience we were waiting on the sale of our previous home so our process took a little longer than normal, but Kali had the patience and energy to actively work with us over several months looking at homes. We could quickly tell that Kali was different. We were not only impressed with her knowledge of the local market and area, but also her insight into building materials, maintenance, and resale. In addition she brought a constant positive attitude and mindset which was refreshing in a process that can be frustrating and stressful. We felt like we had a partner whom we could trust from the first homes we looked at through the offer, inspection, and closing process. We highly recommend Kali. She raised the bar for our expectations of a realtor!
Kali Bhargave is the very best agent you will ever use! There are not enough adjectives to describe how amazing she is!! Her business acumen and marketing skills are spot on, not to mention her home staging that is geared towards the perfect buyer. She brings a level of integrity and professionalism not often seen in this type of business. I interviewed several agents and Kali clearly stood out above the rest. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and her team. I highly recommend Kali for listing or selling…you will not be disappointed!! And did I mention how nice and kind she is…yes, the very best agent you will ever use!!
Debbie C
Call us lucky! As newcomers to town we blindly called Kali from one of her listings. She graciously took us on a tour of Peachtree City while carefully listening to our home needs. We found her to be a genuinely kind person with a fun, outgoing personality who was also the utmost real estate professional – the total package! Once we found our perfect home she worked to close it quickly so we could move in time for a new school year. We could count on Kali to honestly tell us about unique factors of the PTC market and how to avoid possible pitfalls. We jokingly call her our mind reader…she anticipated each and every need. We’ve found our realtor for life!
John and Shanda
We recently had the pleasure of working with Kali Bhargave as our real estate agent (buyer’s agent).  We were extremely impressed with her knowledge of the process, professionalism, commitment and hard working nature. She is excellent with timely communication and vey responsible.  She kept us updated throughout the entire process and worked diligently with us answering questions and addressing concerns along the way.  She truly represented us during this time and was available even on weekends. She kept everyone involved on the same page through regular and accurate documentation of what had transpired during meetings.  She is an excellent real estate professional, and we would strongly recommend her to other potential clients.
Atul K
After an unsuccessful run at trying to sell my home I found Kali Bhargave, Keller Williams. Kali immediately started formulating a plan of action and went to work on it. With myself living outside the state, Kali acted as my contractor. She scheduled much needed work to make my home competitive with newer homes in the area. Once that was completed she professionally staged the home, held open houses and reached out to other real estate agents. I am happy to say my home is currently under contract. I could not have done it without Kali’s determination and drive. I certainly would recommend her to anybody buying or selling a home. She is simply awesome!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work.
Ken B
What can I say about Kali? We met her when we went to see one of her listed houses. She arrived before our scheduled appointment, greeted us with her bright and shining personality and took us through the home. We were impressed with her professionalism as well as all the extra detail she had put into the home we were viewing. She had laminated signs throughout the house reminding us to “notice” certain key elements, the lovely bay window, or the professionally landscaped gardens viewed through the den windows, or the hand crafted detailing on the kitchen cabinets. It was a beautifully staged home, and although the layout of that house did not work for us we remembered Kali and when we found another house that ended up being exactly what we were looking for we asked her to represent us. She met us at the house and offered to show us other houses in the area to make sure this was the house for us. She is always willing to go a step beyond. We were settled and she worked well into the evening to prepare our contract and when the house ended up with multiple offers she negotiated our counter and won the bid for us. She made sure our interests were met and took extreme effort to make sure we were getting the best deal we could. It was wonderful having Kali in our corner. She really made us feel like we were in good hands. It is doubtful we will ever move again, but if we ever want to buy another home we will make sure Kali is in our corner.
Angie L
Kali Bhargave is by far the best realtor you can pick in the Peachtree City/Fayetteville area of GA.​ ​​Kali instantly won me over with her warm and friendly personality. Then as I began to discuss the marketing plan for our home she stood out above all the others I’d talked to. She is a woman who gives 110% to everything she does. She came out and personally staged our home to make every room look it’s best. She advised us on pricing our home and listened to our needs when it came to setting the price. She’s a top-notch negotiator and stayed involved in all aspects of the home sale from start to finish. In the end she got us exactly what we expected to get for the home and made sure everything went smoothly all the way to closing. She is like an energizer bunny when she takes on a new listing and you will not be disappointed in the attention she will give your listing. We’ve sold many houses through the years and I’ve never met a realtor more dedicated to her sellers. I would highly recommend this wonderful lady to anyone wishing to sell their home. She’s a rare gem of a person that you will thoroughly enjoy working with.​
Donna B
We met Kali via a family member and it was a true blessing to have her as our agent. She is very professional and personable. She always made herself available. She showed us a lot of homes and she always said I want you go settle in home you love not compromise, and that is what we found, a home that we fell in love with. She worked late into night to prepare our offer to send that same day and it turned out that our offer was accepted because we submitted it first (it was multiple offer situation). She also kept us informed about certain deadlines we have as buyer. She knew all contacts for inspectors; lenders etc; After the purchase, we were thinking of some upgrades and she gave us recommendation of what would be better and what things would help increase property value. She knows the area very well and even sent us detail information on schools. I do recommend Kali and do not imagine working with anyone else! We are very thankful to Kali for helping us into our wonderful new home to live and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home.
Zarana C
We just closed on our new home in Fayetteville, Georgia. Our Realtor, Kali Bhargrave with “kw KELLER WILLIAMS” located in Peachtree City, Georgia, spent countless hours accompanying us to many home listings and to familiarize us with various areas within Peachtree City and Fayetteville, Georgia. We really enjoyed spending time with Kali and acquiring knowledge about these two cities. We were so amazed with Kali’s knowledge about the surrounding counties’ ordinances, educational standards within the areas, keeping us informed, and updated about new property as they were listed, the guidance about the purchasing process; she never failed us once, we could not have done this without her. In addition, Kali has an outstanding and positive personality, she helped us throughout some difficult situations regarding aging parenting.  You could not have a better representative, and we would strongly recommend Kali’s assistance to anyone looking for property within the Fayette and surrounding counties of Georgia.
Karen S
Kali is simply awesome! As first time home buyers, we had no clue about anything. We practically breezed through the process with Kali at our side. Kali was the very first real estate agent I talked to when we had started contemplating buying a house, and am I glad I did! She is always available for any questions or advice, any time of the day. Kali knows the needs of her clients and their families and will go above and beyond to ensure they are met. I can’t imagine working with anyone else now for our future real estate needs and have already recommended her to friends and colleagues!
You need Kali as your realtor if you want to make selling your home as easy as possible and need someone with tremendous expertise, very detail-oriented and will assist you with every aspect of selling your home. She is very caring and went above and beyond in guiding us through every step so that it was least stressful for us. She helped us renovate the home through her network of contractors so that we could get the best price and sell quickly. Kali has a passion for what she does and she is awesome to work with and was always available when we needed her. We are so thankful and appreciative to have had her as our realtor. She is a very valuable person to have on your side in the realty world!​
Sapana G
Kali consistently goes above and beyond to communicate with her clients. She answers questions, explains things, contacts other realtors, keeps her clients updated on every issue during the selling/buying process and essentially ensures that her clients are well-informed on every issue. She has become one of the most highly sought-out realtors due to her knowledge of the surrounding area and her commitment to the buying/selling process. Anyone choosing her will get the best realtor in the area! Her passion for what she does and the relationships she forms is unmatched and she embraces the entire process from beginning to end with professionalism, enthusiasm and tenacity.
Mary Ann N.
Kali is a wonderful person and a very professional, diligent real estate agent. Our experience with Kali was nothing less than excellent. She handled herself in a professional manner at all times. As upcoming new homeowners, we were very apprehensive about choosing our first home. Kali made this feeling less and made the whole process enjoyable. She was very informative on each home that we looked at. My husband and I never felt pressured or felt rushed into buying a home. Kali was always very patient with us and was able to answer any questions we had along the way. Communication was never an issue with Kali, when we called she answered and if she didn’t answer she would call us back within 15 minutes. She was great about keeping us informed on all aspects of the home buying process. Kali was great with negotiating and always looked out for our best interest. She is not one that is just after a paycheck, She truly cares that she finds you the perfect house you can call home. We look forward to working with Kali when we are ready to sell and look for a new home.
Sara H.
We’ve bought and sold a number of houses over the years and worked with many different realtors, but none of them can compare to Kali! She went above and beyond to get our house sold.  Kali is extremely knowledgeable about the housing markets in the Atlanta area, and uses that knowledge to get the best results for her clients. Also, and just as important, she communicated with us every step of the way, made sure we knew exactly what was going on, and gave invaluable guidance and suggestions. Her recommendations for various tradespeople were spot on. Each of them did excellent work.In addition, Kali provided services that no other realtor had provided to us. Staging is included in her fee, and her stager gladly met with us to pick out flooring and countertops for the house (it was a rental and we needed to refurbish it prior to sale). Before the open house and before the inspection, Kali placed placards throughout the house pointing out important information to the potential buyers and the inspector (for example, new flooring, granite throughout, etc.). Her efforts ensured a quick sale and at the listed price. We cannot recommend Kali strongly enough. She is absolutely fantastic!
Bonnie U
We are so delighted to have found Kali! She is highly professional with a personal touch. She showed us an incredible amount of homes. She would always bring drinks and snacks to refuel us in our marathon home-looking process. She guided us and provided knowledge in what would be the best return on a real estate investment, had outstanding local knowledge of the towns and school districts, and always responded immediately to our emails, texts, and phone calls. She helped us with providing good recommendations for home inspectors, termite inspection, lenders, etc. Right down to who to call if we want to hire someone to mow our lawn and recommendations for handy men for home repair. If we needed it, Kali provided it! We absolutely love the home we ended up buying. It’s an excellent home in a great location for a great price. We cannot imagine buying or selling a home without her guidance.
Emily G.
I have unusually high expectations when it comes to hiring someone for professional services. Kali not only met those expectations she exceeded them. If you are in search of a professional who is responsive to your needs, she is it!
Dealing with Kali Bhargave as a Broker was a smooth and very successful experience!  She sold our home in 4 days!  Kali has extensive knowledge and experience.  She staged our home and held our hand through the contract phase providing invaluable advice.  When using Kali as your realtor, you feel that you are her only client- always available and eager to help and get the job done!  Thank you Kali for a very positive experience during a very stressful time!​
Working with Kali Bhargave was a wonderful experience! After working with a realtor who completely wasted our first visit we decided to approach Kali. As first time home buyers we had our inhibitions but Kali walked us through the entire process very smoothly and was always on top of things. She responded even during wee hours at night and arranged several home visits every time we visited Peachtree city, thereby enabling us to make such a big decision even though we did not have much time on hand.  We often joked that Kali is more concerned about getting us a great home than we are! The best part about working with her is that she is all about educating her clients and never tries to influence your decision. Instead she arms you with a lot of knowledge about the market so that you can make the best possible decision.
We are very thankful to Kali for finding us this great place to live and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home in Peachtree City!
Are you looking for a realtor who listens to you? Are you looking for a realtor who puts your needs ahead of her commission? Are you looking for a realtor who points out the positives and negatives of each and every house? Look no further than Kali Bhargave. Even after the house was found, she provided me with names of home inspectors, she met with plumbers to provide me with estimates for replacing the polybutylene pipes, she provided me with names of painters, and she put me in contact with an expert in radon. Kali will always respond promptly to text messages, phone calls, and emails. Her professionalism and attention to details made the house purchase the easiest I have experienced. You can’t go wrong picking Kali as your real estate agent when looking to purchase your next home.
Andrea R
Kali Bhargave is by far the best agent in Peachtree City! In all my years of dealing with realtors for both residential and commercial properties, Kali stands head-and-shoulders above them all. Recently, my wife and I decided to sell our home in Stoney Brook Plantation, so I did some research looking for the right real estate agent who had experience in listing homes in our area, and success with selling $500K+ homes. After meeting with Kali, we both instinctively knew she was the perfect agent for us.Kali helped every step of the way from renovation ideas, staging, even lending a helping hand to lay out mulch in the backyard…talk about going above-and-beyond the call of duty! Not only did she help make our house look its best, but also did a very thorough comp analysis to ensure we priced it right. In the end, we received an offer in 5 days for only $5K below our asking price and closed within 3 weeks. The entire process was smooth, seamless, and easy thanks to Kali and her extensive knowledge and network group. If you’re looking for the best real estate agent in Peachtree City who truly cares and is going to work hard for YOU, do yourself a favor and call Kali, and get your house sold!
Sam H
Kali Bhargave was the most amazing realtor we could have ever asked for! She was extremely prepared and beyond invested in selling our house from the minute we met her until the minute it sold. She very carefully created a plan to stage and sell our home, always finding ways for us to save money in the process. Kali works so hard!!! She is honest, smart, and beyond sincere. She treats each house as if is her own—and she is tireless in her efforts to satisfy her clients. We are so blessed to have met her, and now consider her a great friend. We will recommend Kali to anyone and everyone who needs a realtor.
Jessica C
Kali is the absolute best.  We researched diligently before asking Kali to help us sell our home, knowing she would work tirelessly to help us achieve our goal.  ​She over-exceeded out expectations, and went the extra mile on countless occasions during our selling process.​ Her advice was wise from listing price to ways to prepare our home to sell, and she treated the sale of our home like it was her very own home being sold. We are so grateful to have worked with Kali Bhargave, and will highly recommend her to anyone wanting to buy or sell a house!!!!
Jessica C
Kali Bhargave did a fantastic job for us in selling our home. She first met with us to provide guidance on the sale of our home and also gave us a very thorough folder of comps, feedback from previous clients, and valuable information about Keller Williams. She represented her company very well! Once we decided to move forward, and as part of her service, she staged our home. She showed us pictures of previous homes she had staged to give us an idea of what can be done. I’m convinced that this part of the process is what ultimately sold our home. We had listed on a Friday and by that Sunday we had 2 offers. As a result of selling so quickly, she also helped us find another home very quickly. What a whirlwind but one of the best experiences ever. We always felt positive about the outcome because her positivity and confidence was the best ever. She gave us the right amount advice and guidance balanced with strong work ethic and follow up. She is very personable and amazing to work with!!! GK :)​